The noise pollution indicatorfor cities.

If you need to manage noise in a comprehensive and intelligent way, Noisense Mini is your solution.

Noisense Service.

Advanced analysis service for large volumes of data, applying Business Intelligence technology to be alerted and to have the sound level and noise pollution controlled at all times.

Predictive analytics system, data visualization and real-time intelligence. Control, regulatory compliance and decision making have never been so easy.
In a geolocated way, it offers noise comparisons according to time and date. It allows to know noisy processes and events, or to visualize the place and moment with the highest noise index, knowing the trends, predicting the events, anticipating situations and analyzing the data in real time proactively.

  • Remote data analysis to know the acoustic situation in real time and its evolution over time.
  • Custom dashboards based on acoustic indicators: average noise, noise peaks, dangerous sound events, percentiles, etc.
  • Configurable according to the applicable regulations in the different environments.
  • Access through the Noisense APP.
  • Creation of device networks for centralized monitoring of different locations.
  • Analysis and storage of information in the Cloud.
  • Sending personalized notifications through instant emails to act in case of annoying or dangerous sound events.

Functions .

The device has a built-in feature to display the noise pollution index.

It collects noise data in real time and sends them to a centralised management system.

Data analysis to monitor noise pollution status.



We offer our help and know-how to make “turning down the volume” a reality. Advisory Training Surveys

Analysis of the acoustic indices to obtain a diagnosis that is reflected in a personalized action plan.

On-site or online training workshops to raise awareness concerning noise pollution.

  • Noise engineering.
  • Conditioning.
  • Soundproofing.
  • Insulation.