Passionate about education, health and coexistence, we strive to provide the best services and look for the most practical products that help improve the quality of life  for people. In spain we have been pioneers in the distribution of our original traffic light noise control. Our concern and passion drive us to offer the best strategies and technology everyday.

With our knowledge and tools we will

help you to achieve a noise free space


Degree in Political Science and Sociology.
Master in International Cooperation and Evaluation of Public Policies.
After more than 15 years working in the social field and human relations,
she specializes in noise control thatthat have been motivated by beneficial experiences.


Industrial Design

Product designer and industrial artist.
Specialized in product morphology and semantics.

Hardware Design Engineer

Professor of the School of Engineers of Bilbao.
Specializing in power supplies, low power consumption, battery powered systems, power electronics and matrix converters.

Dpto de Ingeniería de Comunicaciones. UPV-EHU

Doctor Industrial Engineer. Professor of the Technical School of Engineering of Bilbao.

Ernesto García-Vadillo

Dpto Ingenierí­a Mecánica. UPV-EHU

Professor of the University of Mechanical Engineering (1992), teaching in subjects related to Noise and Railways.